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  • Samantha Brown, CSP, CASBuilding A Swag Career That Sells


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TUESDAY, January 27, 2015, 12:45pm to 1:45pm Salon Ontario – Intercontinental Hotel

Session Description

Key Learning Actions:

This interactive session will focus on:

• Make great money doing what you are already doing;

• stop wasting time quoting customers;

• stop competing for lowest margin; and

• stand above the crowd in your market.


Samantha (Sam) Brown, CSP, CAS - Rebel Leader & Swag Strategist, Silver Star

Samantha has built a recognized brand in the marketplace, recognized with national awards, serves clients in six countries.

Yet she’s not with one of the “big” firms and she’s not working for peanuts.

Sam is part of the movement to revive the promotional marketing profession from the internet-driven ‘trinkets and trash’ to a once again valued and effective direct marketing tool, she holds her CAS, CSP and generally has a good use of the entire alphabet.

“Sam’s passion for her profession is infectious.” Join her as she talks about how we can all be building Swag the Sells so that the day to day isn’t so damn hard because once you ‘flip the switch’ it actually sells itself.