A DISTRIBUTOR develops ideas for the use of promotional products as an advertising medium, buys such items from suppliers and sells them to advertisers, as its principal business or through a wholly owned subsidiary. A distributor carries its own accounts receivable, sells and bills completely in its own name and operates its own place of business. Organizations such as trade associations, cooperatives, public relations firms and other businesses which are normally customers of distributors are not eligible for membership in the Corporation as Distributors.
Become a PPPC DISTRIBUTOR MEMBER! Fees start at $735 annually and depend on the number of employees you have. See Distributor Fee Structure, below, for more information.
Applicable taxes are extra and a one-time $99 processing fee applies upon application.
Fastrack your application for an additional $39 processing fee.
Leave the hassle to us! PPPC will contact your application sponsors on your behalf to complete the sponsorship forms

Membership Requirements

Distributor Fee Structure

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