The PPPC is pleased to offer the Peer Partnership Counsel; a new member benefit available to all members and their sales staff. The name says it all… The Peer Partnership Counsel will provide “peer counseling to help maintain and build partnerships between members in dispute”.

A small group of anonymous industry leaders, representing each of the 3 main membership categories (supplier, distributor and multi-line agent) have volunteered to give counsel to members who are having difficulty resolving business issues to the satisfaction of both parties. The panel will receive the written description of the problem from both parties and within 7 business days, will respond with the recommended resolution. There will be one resolution put forward, but the disputing parties may also receive helpful comments from individual members of the panel.

The Peer Partnership Counsel initiative is a completely confidential process and although created and sanctioned by the PPPC national board and head office team, neither the head office staff nor any board member will be privy to the dispute information. The PPPC head office staff coordinator will simply receive the documentation, remove any references to the companies involved and forward that documentation to the Peer Partnership Counsel. The Peer Partnership Counsel are the only people who will see the detailed information of the dispute, and they have signed confidentiality agreements to provide you with a safe place to tell your story and get some helpful tips on a resolution. This is NOT a regulatory function, but rather an opportunity to receive relevant advice from seasoned industry veterans, a team that was selected because of their high levels of integrity and diplomacy.

Please click on the links below for a better understanding of what types of issues should be sent to the Peer partnership Counsel and how the process will work as well as the request form. If after reviewing this information, you have additional questions about the process, please contact PPPC Head Office and we will be happy to respond to your queries about this initiative. We can be reached by phone (866-450-7722) fax (800-489-8741) or email