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  • Session Dave Holt - Skill Practice #2: Professional Prospecting


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SATURDAY – February 11 10:30 am to 11:00 am Marriott Toronto Airport, Salons BC, AB, QC

Session Description

Key Learning Actions:

Participants will leverage the concepts learned from the New Client Acquisition Module.
Participants will build and practice delivering a prospect connectivity script to secure a new prospect meeting.
Participants will also practice dealing effectively and professionally with different prospect objections.


Dave Holt, CSP – Sales Performance Coach

Dave brings his 29 years working in the training and development field exclusively to PPPC members with an exciting and interactive 2 day workshop. Day 1 will explore bringing value to your customers, your key influencer relationships, new client acquisition and the changing role of a Sales Professional. Day 2 will be all about applying and practising what you’ve learnt!