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  • Session Dave Holt - Skill Practice #3: Consultative Selling Skills


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SATURDAY – February 11 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Marriott Toronto Airport, Salons BC, AB, QC

Session Description

Key Learning Actions:

Participants will discover that they have 1880 revenue generating hours in a year, with the goal to maximize their return on time invested.
Participants will complete the time allocation exercise to ensure that the right number of revenue generating hours are being invested weekly to meet their New Client Acquisition target.
Prospect conversations will be planned carefully and methodically.
Participants will identify and learn new skills and processes to deal effectively and professionally with different prospect objection


Dave Holt, CSP – Sales Performance Coach

Dave brings his 29 years working in the training and development field exclusively to PPPC members with an exciting and interactive 2 day workshop. Day 1 will explore bringing value to your customers, your key influencer relationships, new client acquisition and the changing role of a Sales Professional. Day 2 will be all about applying and practising what you’ve learnt!